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Looks like California has taken away the "I object! But I still want my kids in public school..." option for those wanting to avoid their kids being safer from major deadly diseases. In doing so, of course, there are some casualties, but that is the nature of abusing something until society is forced to take it away from you.

- I know some people use the moral objection exemptions to protect their children when a doctor won't sign off on the medical exemption even after the child has a very bad reaction to previous doses of the same vaccine. Others *cough*including my family*cough* who had bad reactions and took the vaccines anyway because we're not quite so stupid as to think "my kid got really sick but was fine after a while" trumps protecting society as a whole through statistical annihilation of really bad diseases. Your reason was marginally tolerable, but holds no water as an excuse against the reasons for mandatory vaccination.
- I know some people claim a religious objection to vaccination. Most Christians - Bullshit, it ain't in the Bible. Muslims - Also bullshit, there are halal vaccines where necessary. Jewish faith - Also bullshit, there are kosher vaccines where necessary (and the majority of Rabbis agree it's an obligation to be vaccinated). Catholics - There is some argument against the ORIGIN of the rubella vaccine, but not against the modern vaccine itself, nor of ANY OTHER VACCINE.
- I know some (in the US) claim some notion of rights to avoid it. The Supreme Court has already ruled on this one. It's been in place in 2 other states for a while now. There's also absolutely no legal interpretation that makes a valid case for it.
- I know some claim people still get sick after vaccination. My entire family got a disease we were all vaccinated against. Vaccination works through herd immunity, not individual immunity. Confusing the two only makes you an idiot.
- I know some claim vaccines weaken the immune system in general. This is actually backwards. Studies of the effects of certain vaccines have been well researched, and while many have no impact on OTHER diseases, MMR actually does affect other diseases by INCREASING a person's immunity to them.
- I know some believe there are toxic chemicals in vaccines. These people are too fucking stupid to comprehend basic chemistry. Every single claim has been blatantly false or involved a chemical that is a normal food additive in far, far greater quantities. While I understand there is an argument to let these people self-cull from the breeding population, vaccination works through herd immunity, not individual immunity.
- I know some unconscionable scum claim it is a plot to sterilize people of a religion they don't even try to follow themselves. I think we can all agree badly thought out conspiracy theories from murders are safely ignored.

The only legitimate argument against this action is that it might, possibly, through a chain of several enormous fuckups, allow a bad vaccine to be mandatory. True. If it hadn't been for anti-vax nutters, we wouldn't have that risk.

California is home of several of the major ports where disease enters the US, and it is a leader in bad legislation that spreads like a disease to the rest of the US. Between the two effects, we may see a significant impact from this. The recent 100-victim return of measles to the US was caused by Californian anti-vaxxers. In fact, had it not been for certain high-profile Californian anti-vaxxers, we might be looking at the extinction of measles in the wild by now.

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I'm a programmer with some Photoshop experience who occasionally likes to write. I'm also big on commissioning things I want to see drawn. About half of what I've commissioned here is in my Favorites section, the rest were either taken down by idiot moderators (no rule violation), or were never posted on DA.

My interests here are shrinking and full transformation (ie, vampires, lycanthropes and the like don't qualify).

Also, to those commenting - If it's llama-related, you don't need to thank me, giving a llama is thanks enough. Going forward, I will also hide comments with excessive or rapid animation. I don't want my DA page to look like a MySpace page, sorry.

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Finally - Devwatch and Favorites should be for what you want to hear about and share, so I don't trade them. Everyone I watch is someone I either like their artwork or like them as a person. Every favorite is artwork I liked a LOT. There are plenty out there that I like, but did not favorite.

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