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Dish has been a wholly horrible experience since day 1, but I had just come off of a bad experience and thought it was just early hassles. It got steadily worse, and now they're openly laughing about how they screw their customers and plan to keep doing it.

Personally, I was lied to at several points about fees, charged fees for services never received, and had my home torn up by the installer.
As a business, though, they have certain facets that apply to everyone:
1 - Their "high speed internet" is an outright lie. They have advertised 10mbps bandwidth, but that is just bandwidth (how many bits can come down at once). They have such ridiculously high latency (wait time for bits to transfer) that the average speed for most actual uses is similar to dialup. Online gaming is basically not an option on Dish. Working from home is not an option on Dish. There is a crap ton of buffering for what little video you can watch before hitting your cap.
2 - Almost every little cloud knocks out the internet. They brag about how that isn't the case anymore due to some technical mumbo jumbo that they themselves don't understand - but those of us who do understand that technical detail know it refers to their TV service only, not internet. If it's raining, the internet is almost always down.
3 - Their TV service was, for the most part, good. Only really bad storms usually took it out, and since cable runs off of its own satellite systems, such storms took it out too. However, in the last month, they let a contract argument with Turner get out of hand, and prematurely blacked out all the channels that were on that contract, then started a dishonest "Dish Stands With You" campaign to mudsling against Turner (who has its own dishonest mudslinging campaign). Starting in 4 days, they will also be blacking out a slew of CBS channels. CBS used the Turner situation and has started early mudslinging, while Dish's CEO responded like a toddler denying he knocked over the cookie jar. To get compensated for the lost channels, you have to call in, sit through a long process, and hope you don't get blown off.
4 - In response to the lost Turner channels, the CEO and other highly overpaid representatives of Dish mocked the channels (CNN, Cartoon Network and others), and claimed they had alternative options that were "better" and that going without the channels would be "better for customers" in that the upcoming rate hike would be smaller. Yes, the announced a rate hike in the middle of bragging about how they managed to lose several popular channels.

If you have any sense whatsoever, do not be a Dish customer. Once my contract runs out, they will be gone. I don't know what internet provider I'll be going with, and I may even go dark for a while, but Dish will not be getting any further money from me, nor should they from anyone else. Turner and CBS have been dishonest about their part in the problems, but Dish actively is using this to screw its customers, and laughing about it publicly. Dish needs to go away, permanently, and be replaced by new competitors.

This isn't just a rant, this is a plea. Please, warn others who might be considering being duped by Dish. They are, like most subscription companies, using a 2 year contract with a very high penalty for early termination to force customers to stay with them. You do not want to be stuck with them for 2 years, nor do you want your friends and family stuck with them.
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I'm a programmer with some Photoshop experience who occasionally likes to write. I'm also big on commissioning things I want to see drawn. About half of what I've commissioned here is in my Favorites section, the rest were either taken down by idiot moderators (no rule violation), or were never posted on DA.

My interests here are shrinking and full transformation (ie, vampires, lycanthropes and the like don't qualify).

Also, to those commenting - If it's llama-related, you don't need to thank me, giving a llama is thanks enough. Going forward, I will also hide comments with excessive or rapid animation. I don't want my DA page to look like a MySpace page, sorry.

I will also specifically NEVER donate to people who post here asking for donations. You will be reported for spam. Use the donate box on your own lookup and don't spam anymore.

Finally - Devwatch and Favorites should be for what you want to hear about and share, so I don't trade them. Everyone I watch is someone I either like their artwork or like them as a person. Every favorite is artwork I liked a LOT. There are plenty out there that I like, but did not favorite.

Current Residence: Earth
Favourite style of art: Digital/realism
Operating System: Windows (multiple versions), *nix, and soon Android

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